Raptor Cup Lives Again

It’s been six years since the last Raptor Cup between Seattle U and Seattle Pacific University. With the SPU Men’s Team folding after 2014, it seemed unlikely to see SU Men’s Crew go head to head against the Falcons anytime soon.

On March 2, however, the Redhawks and SPU Women’s team revived the rivalry and battled it out in Fremont Canal for a friendly scrimmage ahead of the PLU Invite on March 9.

Despite the sunny conditions, the air was a crisp 39 degrees as the Seattle winter continues rolling into March. With the Men’s team coming off a 2k test on land the night before also, the morning was as much about racing as endurance.

Matching up for a 2,000-meter race and two 1,000-meter sprints, Seattle U sent their varsity 4+ to line up against SPU’s varsity 8+ and 2v8+, and throughout the morning, no lead was safe. Despite the straight course, it was a coxswain’s race down the Fremont Canal as each boat challenged and responded to their competition. Starting with stern tips even, the SeattleU 4+ had to fight their way through the Falcon v8+ to cross the finish line first.

The pancakes at breakfast tasted a bit sweeter with W’s for both crews. When the wakes had settled, SPU took the starting 2k while SeattleU grabbed wins during the two 1k sprints.

SeattleU also sent their varsity 2x and a mixed novice/varsity 8+ to the line against SPU’s novice 8+. All around, it was a great scrimmage for the crews who made the most of the chilly morning in Fremont.

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