Below is a summary of the 2018-2019 Novice Welcome packet, to view the entire packet, click here.

Rowing at Seattle University

Seattle provides one of the most competitive environments for crew in the United States. Numerous former and current Olympians have called Lake Union their home over the years. Additionally, with such close proximity to other collegiate rowing programs such as University of Washington, Western Washington University, and the University of Puget Sound, there is a thriving rowing culture in Washington state that Seattle University is proud to be part of.

What Makes a Good Rower / Coxswain?

Despite the physical and mental demands of the sport, rowing embraces any and all individuals so long as they are willing to put in the work. Our rowers come from a variety of athletic backgrounds, with almost 80% of our team having no rowing experience before college. We will provide you with the resources and structure to overcome any initial roadblocks in your training.

Being a Student-Athlete

Our team has rowers and coxswains in 13 different majors, including nursing, communications, and mechanical engineering. As a rowing family, we are all here to support each other on and off the water as we strive for a 3.0 team-wide GPA. 

Practice Schedule

Novice practices run from 6-8pm Monday-Friday and Saturday morning. Varsity also practices during these times, with two additional sessions on Tuesday and Thursday morning at 5 AM. 

Practices will either be at the Lake Union Crew Boathouse or at the University Recreation Redhawk Center. Transportation will always be provided if training is located off-campus.

What to Bring

Because our equipment stays in the boat, the most you have to worry about bringing to practice is clothing. When you are on the water, wearing compression pants or shorts is ideal. Avoid cotton, basketball shorts, or any loose-fitting pants as they may get stuck in your seat. Water resistant or waterproof light outer-shells are also a good idea, especially if they are high visibility.

For land practices bring running shoes, or, if you have them, any hard and flat soled shoes such as Converse or deadlift shoes.



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