Coming into 2016 Hungry to Win

We checked in with the Seattle University Men’s Crew team to see how the fall season went and what is on the horizon for the team’s 2016 run.

Head Coach Aidan Hennessey describes the fall season as “productive and focused.” He has the team training hard both on the land for fitness and on the water for technical proficiency. Improvements are being steadily gained.

V4 Fall 2015

On the novice side of things, coach Nichole Martin is developing the university’s largest novice men’s team in recent history. She sees this as a major opportunity, commenting that with such high numbers, she has many options for boats to compete in—two 8+s, or a lightweight 4+ and novice 4+.

Novice 8 Fall 2015

As we turn the corner into the new year, the team is ready to put in the training time during winter quarter. When asked to describe the team this year in one word, Club President, Matt Sneed, said “Hungry…I have never seen a higher desire to win than I have this year with the varsity rowers. They are putting in a lot of extra work outside of practice and it is paying off, but no matter how much they improve, they are constantly wanting more.”

Coach Hennessey will fuel that hunger with a focus on pairs, pieces, and meters. Coach Martin will have the novices focusing on slide control, clean bladework, and flexibility.

How do these rowers put in all the time, energy, sweat, and blood on top of their lives as collegiate students? Sophomore novice RJ Ollie, already feels the deep bond that rowing can create. Looking back on his first quarter of rowing, RJ recalls, “As the days turned into weeks, we not only began to improve on the water, but there developed a sense of teamwork. A sense of belong­ing. We began to view each other not simply as the person in front of or behind us in the boat, but rather as family.”

Novice crew fall 2015

Looking ahead to the spring racing season, it’s tempting to daydream about what might be on the horizon. Coach Hennessey stays true to the process and the present, affirming that “what we do this winter will determine how well we do this spring.”

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Need a song to inspire your own winter workout? President Sneed recommends one of his erging favorites—Run This Town, by Jay-Z.





By: Morgan Frost, December 2015

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