2013 Covered Bridge Regatta Results

“Headwind, 3 foot waves hitting us in the back, most insane 2K I’ve rowed. Pulled a second place right behind SPU by one to two seconds. Beat HSU, UofO, and PSU.” – Jacobe Sell, Men’s President, on the MV4+ race today. Great job to MN4+ and MV4+ in their races today!

2013 WIRA’s Results

Congratulations to Dan Harrison and Chris Schultz in the impressive defense of their title of regional champions! Great job to MV4+ and MN4+ in their performance in their finals.

Check out our team in Sacramento here.

2012 Portland Fall Classic Results

Congratulations to Dan Harrison and Chris Schultz, as well as the Matt Sneed, Chris Hooks, Declan Connor-Boyle, David Clapp, and Joselyn Chavez for winning gold in M Open 2x and M Collegiate JV 4+, respectively. Close race between Oregon State and our M Collegiate Varsity 4+ of Leif Bogen, Jacobe Sell, Myles Hollowed, Peter Guillherme, and Nicole Schultz.

2012 ACRA Results

Seattle University Crew had its best showing yet at the 2012 American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championships. The team sent a Men’s 2- and a Women’s V4+. The Men’s 2- won at the WIRA regional championships to qualify for nationals and the women qualified by time. The 2- combo of Chris Schultz and Dan Harrison won their heat on Saturday to progress directly to the final on Sunday. The women’s V4+, rowed by Darian Borst, Katie O’Neill, Hana Wilder, and Keara Collins, coxed by Lauren Fujino, took 4th in their heat and had to earn their way into the final by racing again in the repechage heat. To progress to finals, the boat had to finish first in reps. The Redhawk women won the rep by a boatlength of open water to progress into finals. On Sunday, the Men’s 2- started the day well by taking 3rd in the final, earning the bronze medal. This is the second year in a row that the Men’s 2- has medaled at ACRAs. The women followed with a great race, finishing 5th in their final. This is the best team performance that the Redhawks have had at nationals. Seattle University Crew would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Beerman and Chuck Logg for their help and generosity at this regatta. The team couldn’t have done it without you. The Redhawks look to build on this success next year with the women gaining varsity status and the men looking to build an even larger and more successful team.

2012 WIRA’s Results

Seattle U Crew had a terrific showing this weekend at Lake Natoma for the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships.  The team made the trip down to Sacramento for two days of great racing.  The men’s novice 4+ placed 3rd in its petite final, ending up 9th overall.  The women’s novice 4+ placed 2nd in its petite final, finishing 8th overall.  The women’s varsity 4+ qualified for the grand finals with its second place finish on Saturday.  On Sunday, the girls rowed hard to 5th place, beating all but one club team.  The men’s pair won its heat on Saturday to qualify in 1st for grand finals.  In a back and forth battle all the way to the finish line, the pair pulled ahead in the final two strokes to come away with the men’s first ever WIRA title.  Seattle U Crew would like to thank all of its supporters who came to cheer on the Redhawks at WIRAs, especially the Harrison family.  Their hospitality was great and the food was delicious.  We look forward to coming again next year.

2012 Covered Bridge Results

Congratulations to everyone who raced in this year’s Covered Bridge regatta!

It was a beautiful (if slightly sunburn-y) day on Dexter Lake, and our team certainly lived up to it. The men’s team were the big winners, with every member taking home at least one gold medal.  Special recognition goes out to freshly minted coxwain Hillary Hanses, who you can see flying through the air in the above picture. In addition, the women’s varsity 4+ came in third.

If you came out to see us, we appreciate your support!

Here’s our results

Race 5b: Mens Open 2- (2000m) Final 2 @ 09:20 AM

1st  4 SeaU (C. Schultz)                07:33.21
2nd 3 HSU (b. hodge)                  07:39.45
3rd 2 IRA (D. Bodony)               07:59.13
4th 5 UofO (T. Robart)               08:41.72


Race 15a: Womens Collegiate Novice 4+ Final @ 11:40 AM
1st 6 WU (A. Claypool-Conrad) 08:13.36
2nd 4 HSU (H. Nadeau)                08:17.84
3rd 8 Lewis (M. Whitaker)          08:28.08
4th 7 UofO (A. Smith)                    08:33.10
5th 1 PSU (N. Okhovat)                 08:55.43
6th 3 SeaU (H. Wilder)                  09:00.17
7th 5 UP (C. LeeWays)                   09:36.80
8th 2 ESC (E. Crutchley)                10:43.13


Race 16a: Mens Collegiate Novice 4+ Final 1 @ 11:50 AM
1st 5 SeaU (L. Bogen)                 07:37.85
2nd 6 UofO (D. Scandalios)     07:43.66
3rd 3 SDSU B (E. Machado)    07:50.89
4th 4 PSU (T. Jones)                  08:02.36
5th 2 HSU L (S. Sumner)         08:04.12


Race 17a: Mens Collegiate Varsity 4+ Final 1 @ 12:40 PM
1st 5 SeaU (C. Schultz)            07:19.32
2nd 3 UofO B (I. Davis)           07:30.01
3rd 4 UofO A (A. Rolfe)          07:44.25
4th 6 SDSU B (R. Beltran)      08:05.67
5th 2 PSU (P. Harhai)             08:14.17


Race 19a: Womens Collegiate Varsity 4+ Final @ 01:10 PM
1st 1 UP (M. Tarte)               07:52.90
2nd 5 HSU (K. Lamke)        07:56.95
3rd 6 SeaU (D. Borst)          08:13.89
4th 8 Lewis (L. Weston)     08:20.16
5th 2 SPU (D. Ferrigno)      08:20.90
6th 4 UofO (C. Gonzalez)    08:40.06
7th 3 PSU (M. Dlugolecki) 09:04.68


Full results for the entire regatta can be found here.