Upcoming: U of O Scrimmage

On April the 21st, we’ll be in a scrimmage down in Portland on the Willamette River.  The event will be 3 races of 1000m, which is unusual, but we’re really looking forward to it, because the Willamette is really beautiful this time of year.


Also, we learned our lesson from Covered Bridge, so we bought sunscreen this time. It looks like it’s going to be a balmy day too. See you there!


2012 Covered Bridge Results

Congratulations to everyone who raced in this year’s Covered Bridge regatta!

It was a beautiful (if slightly sunburn-y) day on Dexter Lake, and our team certainly lived up to it. The men’s team were the big winners, with every member taking home at least one gold medal.  Special recognition goes out to freshly minted coxwain Hillary Hanses, who you can see flying through the air in the above picture. In addition, the women’s varsity 4+ came in third.

If you came out to see us, we appreciate your support!

Here’s our results

Race 5b: Mens Open 2- (2000m) Final 2 @ 09:20 AM

1st  4 SeaU (C. Schultz)                07:33.21
2nd 3 HSU (b. hodge)                  07:39.45
3rd 2 IRA (D. Bodony)               07:59.13
4th 5 UofO (T. Robart)               08:41.72


Race 15a: Womens Collegiate Novice 4+ Final @ 11:40 AM
1st 6 WU (A. Claypool-Conrad) 08:13.36
2nd 4 HSU (H. Nadeau)                08:17.84
3rd 8 Lewis (M. Whitaker)          08:28.08
4th 7 UofO (A. Smith)                    08:33.10
5th 1 PSU (N. Okhovat)                 08:55.43
6th 3 SeaU (H. Wilder)                  09:00.17
7th 5 UP (C. LeeWays)                   09:36.80
8th 2 ESC (E. Crutchley)                10:43.13


Race 16a: Mens Collegiate Novice 4+ Final 1 @ 11:50 AM
1st 5 SeaU (L. Bogen)                 07:37.85
2nd 6 UofO (D. Scandalios)     07:43.66
3rd 3 SDSU B (E. Machado)    07:50.89
4th 4 PSU (T. Jones)                  08:02.36
5th 2 HSU L (S. Sumner)         08:04.12


Race 17a: Mens Collegiate Varsity 4+ Final 1 @ 12:40 PM
1st 5 SeaU (C. Schultz)            07:19.32
2nd 3 UofO B (I. Davis)           07:30.01
3rd 4 UofO A (A. Rolfe)          07:44.25
4th 6 SDSU B (R. Beltran)      08:05.67
5th 2 PSU (P. Harhai)             08:14.17


Race 19a: Womens Collegiate Varsity 4+ Final @ 01:10 PM
1st 1 UP (M. Tarte)               07:52.90
2nd 5 HSU (K. Lamke)        07:56.95
3rd 6 SeaU (D. Borst)          08:13.89
4th 8 Lewis (L. Weston)     08:20.16
5th 2 SPU (D. Ferrigno)      08:20.90
6th 4 UofO (C. Gonzalez)    08:40.06
7th 3 PSU (M. Dlugolecki) 09:04.68


Full results for the entire regatta can be found here.



Save the Date! SU Crew Banquet May 5, 2012

Join us in celebration of the Student-Athletes’ hard work this year, the memories of years past, and the exciting developments for the sport at SU!

All Family, Friends, and Alumni are Welcome!
Saturday, May 5, 2012
6:30 PM
Casey Commons, Seattle University
Attire: Classy
Cost: $30

RSVP to Ms. Darian Borst at borstd@seattleu.edu
Please include the # of Guests, Meal Preference (vegetarian or regular), and Payment Method (check in mail, student ID #, etc). Please pay in advance, and confirm your attendance status by MAY 1, so that all meals have a corresponding owner.

Price includes a delicious meal and dessert, as well as beer and wine (for 21+), and non-alcoholic beverages. A vegetarian option is available: please specify your preference when you RSVP.

Send Checks payable to SU Rowing, with memo of “Banquet” to:
SU Rowing
University Recreation
901 12th Avenue
P.O. Box 222000
Seattle, Washington 98122


See you there!